This blended learning program includes the 200-minute on-demand pre-requisite eLearning work ethic course, Bring Your A Game Anywhere, and two, one hour live webinars. It will be delivered on Zoom.



  • Pre-requisite on-demand course can be taken anywhere, anytime, prior to May 4, 2021
  • Live webinars to be delivered on May 4 and 6, 2021




This blended program is appropriate for everyone, in every type of business. Every person on a team contributes to an organization’s culture, and everyone has the opportunity to show up as a leader. You don’t need a job title for that.


Personal and organizational ethics are the easiest things to talk about, but the hardest to walk. For example, the greatest challenges organizations face often relate to trust and accountability. Do you model trust and accountability in your interactions with others, your operating practices, and your personal work habits?


In this series, trust and accountability will be addressed through a practical, proven methodology you can employ to build accountability in your organization…and in your life. Using a collaborative and positive approach, you will go through an experiential assessment and use the results to focus on how to get yourself, your team, and organization not just talking, but walking trust and accountability. The workshop’s content is driven by best practices, cutting-edge literature, and real-world experiences of leaders. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform yourself and your team from talkers to walkers.


By the end of the series you will:

  • Understand the business impacts of ethics and accountability
  • Recognize the factors that cause gaps in integrity
  • Apply at least three tactics to improve their personal and organizational integrity and accountability


This series will be facilitated by Angela Hoyt, CEO, Evolution Group, and presented by Josh Davies, CEO, The Center for Work Ethic Development. The Center works with over 750 organizations throughout North America, Asia, and the Middle East, and has interviewed more than 1,500 employers. Their research indicates the number one organizational need is to have trustworthy, accountable employees and leaders that live to the highest standard of integrity.



$197 / per person 

$597 / per team (up to 5 people)

(+ HST)


Less Talk, More Walk Work Ethic Series

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