Job Development for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: A Specialized Approach 
Employers may view people with an intellectual disability as less favourable job candidates. You may have your own doubts about where these people can work and who will hire them. Are they too slow? Will they need too much support to do the job? These job seekers need Job Developers who can highlight their strengths and unique contributions. It may seem like an impossible task, and it is possible. 


During this webinar, Allen Anderson will share the strategies and techniques required to change employer perspectives about job seekers with intellectual disabilities. He will show you how to hone your employer engagement skills to job carve and to secure customized jobs.


During this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to find the right job
  • How to manage the employer needs to match candidate strengths 
  • How to position your job seeker’s strengths 
  • How to lead the employer to a hiring decision 


This is a live recorded webinar presented by Allen Anderson.


You will have access to the recording for 2 weeks.



$69 / per person

$199 / per team

Job Development for People with Intellectual Disabilities

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