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Learning Lab dates: April - June; July - September 2021; October - December 2021; and January to March 2022


The purpose of this facilitated virtual learning opportunity for front-line job development staff is the continuous improvement of employer engagement and job development skills and processes through peer learning and support, over a 90 day period. Each participant will define a goal and meet with the group 4 times, over 12 weeks, to celebrate successes and find solutions to employer engagement/job development challenges. Angela Hoyt will create the space to share collective wisdom and move to action. This is a public program with representatives from different organizations.


This a VIP learning opportunity for those who have already completed the Optimize Employment for Everyone eLearning and either the Optimize Employer Engagement or Engaging Employers and Job Development in a COVID World courses.


Membership price: $397/person/quarter  or $1197/up to 5 people per quarter


Participants may participate on an ongoing basis. 

Employer Engagement Learning Lab

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